Talking Past Each Other

October 16, 2015

It seems these days people can’t resist debating a number of issues on the national level. What is particularly problematic is very few of these issues affect only the interested or most passionate of those involved in the debate. In fact, some involved in the arguments are the least affected by the outcomes.

The commonality is that people more and more want the federal government to protect them or provide some reassurance they are otherwise lacking. I would prefer the government refrain from protecting me but instead stop preventing me from protecting myself, or choosing how best to do good in the world for those around me. If they could take it a step further and make sure others do not have undue influence over me I would be so happy.

It’s impossible to talk about all of these issues so I’m hoping to devote time to each topic in as many posts as is warranted.

I believe in the intelligence of people, and their ability to solve problems. I do not hold all the facts nor do I see all the scenarios. I’m hoping people can work through issues, in good faith, with the understanding that I’m not trying to insult anyone or trash a point of view (I’ve held a number of points of view on the same topics at various times in my life and I still don’t believe I’m done changing). There always will be those that, attempting humor, reduce serious scenarios down to idiomatic extremes. It’s funny, outliers are funny…hard to miss (or misunderstand). They don’t always raise the quality of a debate or change viewpoints. Often, those that find you funny will laugh…those that don’t will not be won over. What’s worse is that future efforts to change minds are usually tainted forever.