Hello World, Again

May 2, 2018

Perhaps this time, it’ll stick

I’m not sure how many times I’ve started, or restarted a blog. My interests change often, software is a big tent with as many people striving for a solution to a problem as there are permutations required to rainbow someone’s bitcoin private key.

Needless to say, there’s room for everyone.

What I hadn’t realized in the past is that there’s room for the smallest of ideas too. I’d go weeks or months without writing since I thought it was mundane. Perhaps, but what if someone out there disagreed? What if it was just the thing someone else needed?

So here goes, I’ll write more often. It might be simple, it might not. Since my current interests skew toward making cryptocurrencies useful it probably won’t be all that simple. There are lots of pitfalls. While someone else would tell you to RTFM, I won’t. There are often times you’ll end up wanting to rip your hair out, “I did it just like in the documentation!” Yeah, so did I, it didn’t work, that feature wasn’t ready yet (or was unavailable on this protocol, or when connecting to that server) and you’ll have to work around it. I’ve been there, I’ve done it…I burned that t-shirt to the ground in spite.

So here’s what I’ll do:

  1. I’ll show you how I built an ethereum-based cryptocurrency token that was stingy with gas.
  2. I’ll show you how anyone can accept payments in ETH, BCH, BTC, and OCC without a third party payment gateway.
  3. I’ll roll these up into a neat set of tutorials and offer them here.
  4. I’ll setup times to meet online with anyone interested to learn or work through their issues with both popular bitcoin blockchains, ethereum or erc20 tokens.

This should get interesting…